Masked men who stole safe during raid at Gainsborough shop jailed

Lincoln Crown Court
Lincoln Crown Court

Two masked men who stole a safe during a raid on a Gainsborough convenience store have been jailed.

Mark Cutler and Zak Metcalfe entered the premises during the afternoon of April 1 and went into the back of the shop where the safe was.

Lisa Hardy, prosecuting at Lincoln Crown Court, said the pair had obtained the code number for the safe.

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A member of staff at the shop on Heapham Road was ordered to open the safe and the two intruders put the contents into a bag.

The shop owner Anthony Allbones who was upstairs at the time came down and confronted the pair telling them he was going to call police.

Both then made off with £4,200 cash and 300 Euros together with a passport and a cheque for £16,000.

Cutler and Metcalfe went to a house on Pingle Close where they were found by police. The stolen cash was found in a nearby shed.

Cutler, 30, of Tower Street, Gainsborough, and Metcalfe, 19, of Pingle Close, Gainsborough, each admitted a charge of burglary.

Cutler, who also admitted breach of an earlier suspended jail sentence, was jailed for 34 months and Metcalfe for 16 months.

Judge Simon Hirst, passing sentence, told them: "There was plainly a significant degree of planning and organisation."

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Jeremy Janes, for Cutler, said his client was remanded in custody after being charged and is now looking to put the matter behind him.

David Eager, for Metcalfe, said he assisted the police after his arrest telling them where they could find the money.