Arrowing in on darts history for county

RIPLEY Elite Darts Singles League round-up.
RIPLEY Elite Darts Singles League round-up.

Lincolnshire made darting history twice in one week.

It was revealed the Lincolnshire Open 2017 at the Blues Club, Gainsborough, on Sunday, 11th June will be the first county open to receive both EDO ranking points and BDO invitational points for both the men’s and ladies’ open singles.

Also on offer will be the usual Winmau World Masters place plus a World Pro-play-off spot, and £3,000 prize money.

Lincolnshire’s second piece of history-making was Leighton Bennett — aged 11 years and one month — who became the youngest male to play on the county stage in the Premier Division match against Devon.

Although Leighton lost, he showed promise and will get the chance to try again in the next Lincolnshire county match against Nottinghamshire on 3rd March, at the Blues Club.

Leighton has a Super League average as high as 28plus.

A spokesman said: “Leighton has a great attitude towards the game.

“This young man surely has a bright future and is one to look out for when he takes advantage of the Lincolnshire sponsorship scheme.”