Trio clean up to take pride in Gainsborough community

A trio of young community-spirited residents are cleaning up a Gainsborough footpath of litter - and have urged other residents to do the same.

Claudia Munday, 21, and her boyfriend Tyler Anderson, 23, spent four hours cleaning a path next to Gainsborough Cemetery along with Claudia’s 12-year-old cousin Sophie Redwood.

Sophie, Tyler and Claudia with the rubbish they collected.

Sophie, Tyler and Claudia with the rubbish they collected.

They gathered four bin bags full of rubbish on the path commonly known as “Back Path” - which weighed in at 24 kg.

Claudia, who lives on Spring Gardens with Tyler and works at the Travelodge in the town, said they did it to take pride in their community.

She said: “Tyler and I walk our dogs there almost every day and we just got sick of seeing the litter. And it just seemed to be getting worse.

“We only managed to get a quarter of the way up today so we plan on going again another time to try and do the whole path right up to where it ends near the play park.

Claudia with one of the 1 litter pickers.

Claudia with one of the 1 litter pickers.

“It’s so important to take pride in our community and our environment. Hopefully, this will be the last time we have to do a clean-up like this.

“Imagine what we could accomplish with more people taking the initiative to really make Gainsborough great?

“Just picking up one piece (of litter) makes such a difference if everyone did it.”

They cleaned the path on April 20 using £1 litter pickers from Poundland. They also recycled everything they could.

Tyler said: “We have been on a litter pick before so we know what we are doing and how to recycle it properly.

“We would much prefer people take the rubbish home and recycle it - an empty water bottle is a light thing.”

The trio has also received praise online. Claudia said: “The response we received has been amazing.

“Two ladies got in contact to organise something once a month and wanted to bring their children.

“It is really good to hear the community responded so well and want to get involved.”