Officers praised for helping to save life of man injured in a Gainsborough fight

Police at the ceremony.
Police at the ceremony.

Two police officers have been praised for saving an unconscious man’s life after a fight in Gainsborough.

Police constables Charlie Hope and Lyndsay Postles were called to reports of a fight in the town centre where they found the man unconscious.

The victim, who was not breathing, also suffered a bleed on the brain and a broken nose.

During a ceremony at Lincolnshire Police headquarters, the officers were praised for “calmly” dealing with the situation, “making sure the man’s airway was open by holding his head steady and talking to him”.

They also assisted the first responder who arrived on the scene.

The man was eventually stabilised and taken to hospital.

The officers’ award citation read: “The prompt and professional actions of these two constables undoubtedly saved the man’s life.”

The incident happened in the early hours of February 24 2018.

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Other officers across the Lincolnshire force were also praised at the ceremony for their outstanding efforts, including finding attackers, helping distressed people and fighting modern slavery.

Chief Superintendent Nikki Mayo, Area Commander for the West Area of Lincolnshire, who hosted the event, said: “We often refer to ourselves as a family force and this event is an opportunity to recognise the achievements of the individuals and to say thank you to the families of our officers and staff.

“The real achievement for all our recipients is not necessarily the certificate, the handshake or the photographs, but the real difference that has been made to keep members of our communities safe, to apprehend a serious offender, to resolve complex crimes or in the most extreme circumstances to save someone’s life.

“There are not many jobs where you can have such a significant impact on the lives of the community and contribute to such a fundamentally positive outcome.”