Activists storm Laughterton pig farm to highlight welfare issues

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A Laughterton pig farm is under siege this afternoon, after 200 activists surrounded it to protest against factory farming methods.

The protest began this morning, and police officers were still on site into the early afternoon as 100 activists had stormed into one of the pig pens and are said to be waiting for major media outlets to attend.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “We are in attendance at Sandilands Farm, on Newark Road, where a protest is taking place.

“We have a positive obligation to facilitate lawful peaceful protest and officers will remain on the scene until the protest has concluded.”

They added: “Members of the public are currently advised to avoid the area.”

The activists claim that pigs who have recently given birth are being confined in small crates for up to eight weeks so they do not crush their piglets while suckling.

One told the Lincolnshire Echo: “We’re not targeting this farm for a specific reason, if any reason it’s because this is just a standard practice farm.

“This is what happens everywhere, it is the standard and we want to show people what the standard is.”