Shooting Star comes around

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TV SENSATION and burger van extraordinaire Angelos Epithemiou is coming to the region with his off-beat and mind-bending comedy.

Rising to fame on BBC 2’s Shooting Stars Angelos is quickly becoming a hot ticket on the comedy circuit.

“I can’t believe it,” says Angelos.

“The bigwigs are making me go and do more of these bloody shows. Apparently because loads of people are coming to the first lot.”

He continues: “I’m gutted because I’ve just bought a video player and I’ve got loads of things to watch that I got off the telly, like New Tricks and Crimewatch and also got a copy of Deathwish with Charles Bronson that I found in the Hospice shop.”

“But they’ll have to wait because of these shows that I’ve got to do in all these new places.”

Angelos adds: “Anyway, if it is a bad telly night, then come and watch me mucking about for an hour and a half. I’ll be doing three jokes, two impressions and one dance.”

Angelos Epithemiou will be appearing at Lincoln’s Engine Shed on Thursday 24th February.

Tickets are £16.50 and available by calling 0844 888 876 or visiting