Creepy kids play at Trinity Arts

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SPOOKY goings on can be found down at Gainsborough’s Trinity Arts Centre as a tale of horror and suspense comes to town.

The Babbling Vagabonds production company are bringing The Buried Moon to Gainsborough - a play filled with creeping, crawling, slopping horrors that hide in the fen.

In the darkest corners, among the wavering tussocks and the trembling mools, the muddy black bogs and the great twisted snags...the Things dwell.

What are the things? They’re rumoured to be boggles, boggarts, witches and Will-o-the-wykes.

But fear not kids, for the Maiden of the Moon looks after the village folk - brightly guiding them through the night away from the Things who would sneak and sneer and gobble them up.

But who will look after The Maiden? And what would the village folk do if she disappeared? One dark night the light is out, and so are the Things.

A spokesman from the Babbling Vagabonds said: “Join us as whispers and shadows will whisk you away on a spooky adventure to a time long gone, when Lincolnshire folk feared to go out in the dark unless the moon beamed bright.”

The show has been co-comissioned by Lincoln One Venues and Arts Council England.

Babbling Vagabonds present The Buried Moon at Trinity Arts Centre on Saturday 26th March at 2pm.

Tickets are £5 and available by calling 01427 676655 or by booking online at