Powerful drama Crosslight coming to Retford

Riding Lights are presenting Crosslight at Retford in March
Riding Lights are presenting Crosslight at Retford in March
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Riding Lights are presenting the passion play Crosslight at Retford Well Church for Lent.

Crosslight is a communal experience of theatre and worship which draws its audience into the Easter narrative.

It tells the events of Christ’s Passion though the eyes of one disciple who failed, despite everything he believed so passionately.

Caught in the crosslight of the flickering candles at the last supper, the torches of Gethsemane, the firelight in the courtyard, by the searching gaze of his Lord, Simon ‘the rock’ is shattered.

The disciple chosen to lead, is in pieces.

As he hangs from the cross, Jesus is surrounded by a jeering crowd, laughing at his claim to be the Son of God.

A small group of family and friends stands by until the agony ends.

But the great friend who, more than any other, has stood by Jesus throughout the story is conspicuous by his absence.

The play is at Retford on March 17.

For tickets, visit www.ridinglights.org/crosslight