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Dog Is Dead will be playing Rock City, Nottingham on 17th December
Dog Is Dead will be playing Rock City, Nottingham on 17th December

Reporter Andrew Trendell talks to Dog Is Dead frontman Rob Milton

Up AND COMING Notts rock stars Dog Is Dead are gearing up for a homecoming show at Rock City - and we have two tickets to give away.

Having wowed fans at Glastonbury and dazzled critics with debut single Glockenspiel Song, Nottingham rockers Dog Is Dead have gone on to receive national radio airplay and appear in teen drama Skins.

“It’s really weird because we’ve been making small waves in the mainstream and nationally, but every time we come back to Nottingham we see local unsigned bands playing really high profile shows,” says singer Rob Milton of his vibrant hometown scene.

“Everyone just seems to be really well totally coincidentally.”

Rob continues: “Nottingham is a huge part of our identity as artists and every Nottingham band is so completely different - none of us tour or write together but there’s a huge level of support for everyone and we respect each other going in their own direction.”

So what is it about Nottingham that’s created such a healthy environment for bands to exist in?

“We’ve just always had the right amount of decent music venues at the right sizes along with some amazing promoters,” answers Rob, considering the deafening buzz around the Nottingham scene.

“That’s not an explanation for why things have gone a bit nuts recently, but it’s more of a surprise that everyone has forgotten how much Nottingham has produced. There’s nothing extra special happening now that wasn’t happening before, but it’s just a few of us have been signed and are doing well with some decent local labels and bands putting on high profile shows - people are just paying attention and realising that something can happen. It only takes one or two to pioneer then you’ve got a city worth listening to.”

So what local ‘pioneers’ are his favourite?

“I really love Swimming - they’re great,” says Rob. “I’m quite a fan and they’re amazing live.”

He goes on: “Liam Bailey’s brilliant too, and Hot Horizons are awesome. There are just loads of interesting sounds coming out of the city.”

Very interesting indeed. Nottingham is renowned for it’s hip-hop and dub-step scene, but one thing that a lot of people don’t realise is that a lot young and upcoming local bands have embraced pop music. Does that apply to Dog Is Dead as well?

“Yeah, massively,” laughs Rob. “We’ve always been proud of writing pop songs. I don’t know any musicians with that pretentious air about them - everybody is forward-thinking without thinking that ‘pop’ is a dirty word.”

Is that timeless and classic pop approach the secret to the future longevity of Dog Is Dead?

“Totally,” replies Rob.

“We never want to be doing anything that’s hot and trendy for a reason or coming back around. We’re totally doing our own thing which is just whatever we’re into at the time. We listen to so much music that it just adds to your longevity when you can’t be predictable, which is what we’re aiming for. I can’t draw what we’re doing back to a particular influence or era which just keeps people on their toes.

He adds: “As far as we’re comfortable we just want to push everything. We want to record out debut album to release in the Spring and then hopefully things will explode from there. We’re proud of everything that we’ve done and we don’t want to stop.”

Dog Is Dead play Rock City, Nottingham on Saturday 17th December.

For tickets visit or call 0845 413 4444.

To be in with a chance of winning tickets, just answer this simple question: Q) Name Dog Is Dead’s debut single.

Send your answer along with your name and daytime telephone number to: Dog Is Dead competition, 5-7 Market Place, Gainsborough, DN21 2BP or email

Entries should arrive by Friday 9th December.