Band’s crusade for a number one

Local lads the Lounge Crusade need YOUR help to get them to the top of the Band Crusade Competition
Local lads the Lounge Crusade need YOUR help to get them to the top of the Band Crusade Competition

A TALENTED group of local lads have set their sights on the Christmas number one spot - but they need YOUR help.

The Lounge Crusade have been making waves in the local music scene and beyond for a number of years.

The band, from Gainsborough and Lincoln, now need you to help them realise their dream and win a national competition.

They’re going down a storm in national competition Band Crusade - aimed at giving an unsigned act a record contract and trying to push them to beat X Factor to Christmas number one.

Drummer Jason Parker, 23, from Scott Street in Gainsborough, said that it was the chance of a lifetime.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity - even if we don’t make it to number one,” he said.

“This is still providing us with great exposure. There are 100 bands taking part and it just brings a lot of attention to us and our new music video.”

He continued: “We’re getting a lot of really good feedback and so many people have been commenting on how good they think our song is.”

“Hopefully now, the song on the site can carry its own without us pestering people to vote for us.”

Band Crusade competition organiser said that he hoped the winner would bring something a little bit different to the charts.

“We have grown tired of the way the UK music industry heading,” said Wes.

“With the rise of TV shows such as X factor and The Voice, the UK is hearing less bands in the music charts and the sounds of electric guitars and man-made beats on a drum kit are near extinct from the sounds of today’s modern manufactured music.”

He continued: “The UK has been home to some of the greatest bands in the history of music and we believe there are many more undiscovered great bands out there waiting to be heard.”

“We are asking the public to choose over Xfactor this year and vote for their favourite hard-working band on our site.”

Wes added: “Once the public has chosen their favourite band we will record their track and video and release into the UK charts in time for the Christmas charts and with the aim of beating the X Factor’s winner to the number one spot.”

l To vote for local lads The Lounge Crusade get online and head over to to have your say.

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