Mark Steel wants to know who he is in new show

Mark Steel comes to Lincoln Drill Hall next week
Mark Steel comes to Lincoln Drill Hall next week

Comedian Mark Steel is set to visit Lincoln Drill Hall this week with his brand new show Who Do I Think I Am.

Join Mark as he combines stand-up with a surprising and enthralling story told with aplomb.

“It never really bothered me that I’d never met my mum, “ he said of his new show.

“It never occurred to me I needed to meet her to find out who I was’, as it didn’t seem likely I’d discover I was someone different to who I thought I was.

“Could it turn out I was three stone lighter than I thought, or I spoke Italian or had a fear of Liquorice Allsorts?

“But after the birth of my own son, I realised it’s quite an event to have a child.

“And she may well remember giving birth to me, and maybe even the adoption.”

Previously, Mark has written and presented Mark Steel’s In Town on BBC Radio 4 and toured it live around the UK.

His other celebrated radio shows include The Mark Steel Revolution and The Mark Steel Solution.

Mark has also presented the BAFTA nominated Mark Steel Lectures for BBC2.

He is a regular on BBC One’s Have I Got News For You and Radio 4’s News Quiz.

He’s also appeared on BBC2’s QI and Room 101.

In addition to performing, Mark has also written several, acclaimed books, including: Reasons To Be Cheerful and What’s Going On?

He also writes a weekly column for The Independent for which he won Columnist of the Year at the Press Awards in 2015.

He is also a cricket fan and has written several articles and columns on the sport.

Famously left wing in his early days in both his writing and comedy, Mark is also a former member of the Socialist Workers Party and was a famous critic of Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister.

He is at the Drill Hall on Friday, March 11 at 8pm and tickets are £15 on 01522 873894 or