Lincs: Who will be the winner at the Spygame?

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Sc unthorpe Little Theatee Club return to the Plowright Theatre next week with Bettine Manktelow’s Spygame.

A new TV reality show could bring stardom and a huge amount of prize money to winning contestants. To this end five hopefuls have been invited to spend five days at a remote country house where just one will be chosen to take the ultimate challenge of Spygame.

The contestants all come from different walks of life so how well will they be ablke to work together.

Each has a secret they want to prevent the organiser finding out about.

But as things progress, they rapidly realise the organiser has an agenda different to theirs.

Spygame runs from next Tuesday to Saturday (28th April to 2nd May) at 7.30pm each night.

Tickets priced £10 are available from the box office on 0844 8542776 or online at