Lincs: Little Theatre Club putting their breast foot forward in poignant comedy Cheshire Cats


Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club are back on stage at the Plwoght Theatre next week to present the heart-warming comedy Cheshire Cats.

The play centrees on a group of Cheshire women, united by cancer, who form themselves into a fund-raising team called The Cheshire Cats.

Donning their decorated bras, putting plenty of Vaseline on their pressure points and laying in a good supply of padded plasters (for blisters of course), they set out to do the 13-mile Moonwalk through the streets of London to raise money for Breast Cancer charities.

However, their planned ‘girly weekend away’ doesn’t quite go the way they expected.

Will Hilary get the record time she wants to prove how much she loved her mum, will Maggie’s bad back hold out and is Yvonne really going to wear her snazzy new trainers without breaking them in first?

Hilarious, heart-warming and heart-breaking by turns, this award-winning play by Gail Young will make you laugh and cry – sometimes both at once!

The play is on from Tuesday,October 6 to Saturday, October 10 at 7.30pm each night.

Tickets are £10 from the box office 0844 8542776 or online at