Good Grief, Gainsborough Theatre Company are back at the Old Nick

The Old Nick Theatre in Gainsborough
The Old Nick Theatre in Gainsborough

Gainsborough Theatre Company is back at the Old Nick in the town next month with Keith Waterhouse’s Good Grief.

Hilarious and often poignant, Good Grief is hailed as a treasure trove of of unforgettable moments.

It begins with a woman coming home from her husband’s memorial service who decides that she’ll start a diary to help her cope with her bereavement.

June Pepper dismisses the idea of writing and embarks instead on a ‘talking diary’ which is a sort of private conversation with her dead husband Sam, and which only the audience can hear.

June has a distinct liking for vodka, which her stepdaughter Pauline is determined to curb, as is Eric Grant an ex-colleague of her husband who turns up supposedly to ‘help’.

But June befriends an unemployed, middle-aged man (The Suit) who she meets in the local pub, and who is, like June, lonely.

However, Pauline, Eric and The Suit each have their own agenda, and when skeleton’s in Sam’s cupboards emerge, June gives a masterful final entry to Sam in her diary.

Starring Sue Hill, Mand Austen, Tony Towers and Eddie Panter, and directed by Gill Blow, the play runs from April 20-22.

Tickets are £8 and £6 on 01427 239387.