Gainsborough: Majestic Aida is beaming into Trinity Arts from Sydney

Opera at Sydney Harbour
Opera at Sydney Harbour

A stunning operatic event is coming to Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough next week with a screening of Verdi’s Aida live from Sydney Harbour.

In Aida, Verdi masterfully pits the intimate affairs of the heart against the grandeur of the universe, where kingdoms rise and fall and the sands of time grind onwards.

Egypt needs a hero to lead their army in battle against Ethiopia.

The High Priest has chosen Radames who through victory in battle, hopes to win the hand of Aida, an enslaved Ethiopian princess who is handmaiden to the Princess Amneris.

But Amneris also desires Radames and is beginning to suspect that her hero might prefer her slave.

As Radames returns to Egypt triumphant, Aida is forced to choose between her hero and her country.

There could be no grander setting for such an opera than Sydney Harbour itself, awash with the light of the city and the Sydney Opera House silhouetted against the setting sun.

But amid all of the spectacle, there’s an emotional heart and when Amneris sings her quiet, concluding prayer, you’ll see the true mastery of this opera.

It is at once an historic epic and an utterly relatable human tragedy.

Aida is being shown at Gainsborough on Tuesday, September 15 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £12 and £10 and available now from the box office on 01427 676655 or online at