Adult panto is back for Christmas with Peter Panties

Nick Hooton, Tilly Howes and Pippa Johnson star in Peter Panties.
Nick Hooton, Tilly Howes and Pippa Johnson star in Peter Panties.

With more farcical humour, over-the-top characters and more innuendo than you can shake a stick at, the Market Theatre Company is hitting the road again this month for it's annual festive fun with adult panto.

This year, JM Barrie's classic tale Peter Pan is getting the treatment - and the show is coming to Lincolnshire on the different occasions with performances in Gainsborough, Lincoln and Scunthorpe.

This year’s cast are Nick Hooton, Pippa Johnson and Tilly Howes who between them they play an abundance of familiar (and not so familiar) pantomime characters.

Nick, who plays the dastardly Captain Hook said: "Peter Pan is such an amazing story with so many characters so it gives us a lot to play with and certainly keeps the three of us busy with costume changes”.

Pippa who plays Windy (Wendy in the original) amongst many other characters added: “Peter Pan is such a well-known story, but in our version Windy is afraid of heights, which may make flying to Neverland a challenge.

"One of the things I love about our adult panto’s is we are constantly surprising audiences with where we take the original story and characters.”

Tilly, meantime, is making her adult panto debut and, having previously performed in more conventional family pantomimes, 'can't wait' to dive into the world of adult panto for the first time.

Suitable for ages 16 and over, the show first come to Lincolnshire at the Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe on November 21 (tickets here), followed by Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough on January 16 (tickets here) and the New Theatre Royal Lincoln on February 15 (tickets here).

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