Edinburgh hit Masai Graham tops the bill for Big Leadenham Comedy Night

Masai Graham
Masai Graham

Edinburgh Fringe star Masai Graham will headline the next Big Leadenham Comedy Night next month.

Masai is a former UK Pun Championship winner, taking the title at the 2016 Leicester Comedy Festival.

The same year, he also won the coveted Best Joke of the Fringe Award in Edinburgh.

Joining him on the Leadenham bill will be Jed Salisbury, Andy Woolston and Hannah Sylvester.

Jed Salisbury is a multi-award winning comedian who has created a unique act.

He takes the audience on an adventure of hilarity using a blend of mirth-filled stories from his journey from boy to man-child and out-of-the-box observations from a mind that has seen too many bad movies and too much late night television.

Andy Woolston started out on the UK comedy scene in 2009 and has since captivated audiences with tales of vibrant misanthropy and his bumbling adulthood.

His candid, self-deprecating wit is reinforced with righteous fury at the world.

Hannah Sylvester is a rising star of the comedy world, having won the Hilarious Comedy Gong Show in 2013 and the Breakthrough Act Award at the 2014 Midlands Comedy Awards.

Hosting the evening will be a familiar face in Leadenham, Paul Mutagejja, who is back by popular demand.

The show is at The George Hotel in Leadenham on Friday, May 4 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £15 on the night or £12 in advance 01400 272251 or https://bit.ly/2GO8V62