Braquo season four released on Blu-ray and DVD

Braquo, season four. Photo by Thibault Grabherr
Braquo, season four. Photo by Thibault Grabherr

If you enjoyed the fourth season of the compelling and addictive French drama Braquo on the satellite channel FOX, you’ll be delighted to hear that it’s coming out on Blu-ray and DVD.

Braquo follows a squad of Paris police officers who crossed the “yellow line” after their colleague Max was unfairly accused of criminal misconduct and committed suicide. Now the officers exist on the very edge of the law.
In series four, Eddie Caplan and his team are again confronted by the fierce and ruthless “Baba” Aroudji whose only son was killed by Morlighem during a police raid.

Braquo - season four will be available for sale from Monday, December 12.