Have a scream at Circus Of Horrors

Grand Opera House 'York '2010
Grand Opera House 'York '2010
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THRILLS, chills and spills are coming to the area as a shock of horror and high-flying fun makes its way to Retford.

It’s a staggering 15 years since The Circus of Horrors first trampled the bloody boards and has since toured across the globe achieving cult status whilst dragging the world of circus screaming into the 21st century.

The Circus of Horrors is a “rockin’ and shockin’ experience with a fangtastic new show that is without a doubt a musical masterpiece.”

With the pulsating devil driven Rock n’ Roll of Dr Haze and the Interceptors From Hell, this loud and dazzling show has been said to be a frightfully unforgetable evening. A spokesman said: “Imagine if Quentin Tarantino had directed Cirque Du Soleil then you would be only half way there.”

Beginning in a French Asylum, the inmates are liberated and become the performers in the show. The lunatics however turn on their liberator and slaughter him and the other wardens. Filled with remorse however, they transport their esteemed leader and the whole cavalcade of chaos to Mexico to try and revive him in the Day of the Dead celebrations. Once revived and now with his ever expanding and sensational cast of Freaks and oddities in place the show moves into Victorian London.

The Circus of Horrors comes to Retford’s Majestic Theatre on Saturday 22nd January.

Tickets are between £12 – £25 and available by calling the box office on 01777 706 866.