Al Murray is back as the pub landlord in Lincolnshire

Al Murray is live at the Baths Hall and Grimsby Auditorium this weekend
Al Murray is live at the Baths Hall and Grimsby Auditorium this weekend

Pub landlord Al Murray is to bring his brand new show to Lincolnshire this week.

The comedian will bring his Let’s Go Backwards Together’ show to Grimsby Auditorium on Thursday, November 10 and The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe tomorrow on Friday, November 11.

Publican, politician and another thing beginning with P, philosopher, that’s Al Murray.

The nation’s critically acclaimed bar-based-braveheart, Al Murray - The Pub Landlord embarks on a common sense crusade to re-Great Britain in his brand new show.

We live in troubling times - Europe, the NHS and whatever the hell is going on in the Middle East.

Add to that the gathering storm of fortnightly bin collections?

Who knows where it will all end?

Watch the one man who will answer the call of destiny even though it’s an unlisted number.

Watch the one man who will call time on tyranny even though he isn’t quite sure what it means.

Watch the one man who isn’t afraid to say no to women ordering anything other than a glass of white wine (or fruit based drink).

Al Murray first came to prominence when he won the Perrier Comedy Award in 1999, having been nominated it in each of the three years before that.

It is as the pub landlord - another character that he introduced to the world at the Edinburgh Festival - that he is best known with his character being a brash and blunt straight-talker with an aversion to the French and the Germans and a lover of the British rock band Queen.

As the pub landlord, he appeared in the short comedy film Pub Fiction and was then nominated for an Olivier Award for his theatre show My Gaff, My Rules in 2002.

Subsequent live tours have included A Glass of White Wine for the Lady, Giving It Both Barrels, The Only Way is Epic and One Man, One Guvnor, as well as the BBC sitcom Time Gentlemen Please.

He has also made guest appearances on various TV and radio shows over the years, including Top Gear and Horrible Histories.

In last year’s General Election, again as the pub landlord, he contested the South Thanet seat, running against the UKIP leader Nigel Farrage.

Murray stood for the Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP) and memorably said of his chances, “it seems to me that the UK is ready for a bloke waving a pint around, offering common sense solutions.

“Let it be known that I have no idea where South Thanet is - but did that stop Margaret Thatcher from saving the Falkland Islands? No!”

Afterwards, he invited Farage for a drink at his pub to drown his sorrow after failing to win the seat.

Tickets for his Grimsby show are £28 and available on 0300 3000035 or www,

Tickets for his Baths Hall show are £27.50 (booking fee may apply) and are available on 0844 8542776 or