Two wins for Melrose

The Gainsborough Bowls League has stuttered back into action between the rain showers.

Beckingham gained 10 players from the sadly defunct Lincoln Coop and they must have been hoping that they could improve on last year’s fifth place, but there was little evidence of improvement against Melrose who won 8–2 (113–45). Melrose then visited Rose A and came away with an easy 8–2 (92–57) win.

Marshalls A who were only two points behind champions Scotter 1 last year had an unimpressive start with a last–gasp 6-4 (70-69) win over Marshall Sports, and then Sports were again just beaten by visitors Owston Ferry 6–4 (77–68).

North Wheatley have had two narrow wins. At home they beat Rose A 6–4 (81–77) and then away to Scotter 2 they enjoyed an even narrower win, coming away 6–4 (69–67) victors.

Scotter 1 easily won 10–0 at Marton GB and the other three matches were postponed.

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