Spotlight on fitness: What’s on offer at Marshall Community Hall?

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Gainsborough Town Council sports development officer Dave Carter brings the latest in our monthly series on what the area has to offer for sportsmen and women.

This month the spotlight is on one of the town’s leading fitness instructors who runs classes at Marshall Community Hall covering a wide range of activities’ some you will be familiar with and others you might not have heard of.

Many sports people make the mistake of just training specifically for their sport when, in fact, you need an all-round fitness scheme, that not only builds strength but flexibility.

A lot of injuries can be avoided by stretching exercises both before and after exercise, but you can also develop strength and flexibility through your exercise regime as a stand-alone practise.

Debbie Empson has been an instructor in the town for over 15 years and runs classes at Marshalls on Monday and Wednesday evenings,

Monday sees Zumba for the first session, which is a Latin American aerobic dance class, which will get your heart pumping and hips shaking, burning any ware between 300-600 calories while having fun.

Her second class of the night in Piloxing something I had never heard of and had to look up in the web.

Invented by Viveca Jenson this is a combination between Pilates and boxing moves which focuses on the core strength and posture, mixing both static and moving exercises to give the complete work out which would benefit all members of the community.

Debbie due to demand runs a second Zumba class on a Wednesday evenings and her second class is Yoga fit.

This keeps you active helping to control weight gain as well as developing and maintaining that flexibility so vital not only to our sport but in our everyday life.

This is also mixed with some Tia Chi, Pilates and yoga, what a good way to get rid of the stress of the day.

The classes are open to all, male and female participants and you can progress at your own speed and capability and it will add another dimension to your fitness whether it’s part of your training or stand-alone you will benefit from one of these classes

For more information you can contact Debbie on 07948 627793 or email Debbie.

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