Parish kids not board at school thanks to chess

Pupils at Parish Church School took part in the county chess championships
Pupils at Parish Church School took part in the county chess championships

Parish Church Primary School’s love of chess has helped one pupil to reach a regional final

The school is celebrating a first, after a Year 3 pupil won the county title and qualified for the North of England finals.

For a number of years now the school has been holding their own chess competition and then sending children to the Lincolnshire Finals to compete against the best in the county.

This year the school tournament saw over 30 children taking part, aged between 6 and 11.

The youngsters played against each other at dinner time once a week for seven weeks, and by winning games they earned points and prizes in a bid to become overall champion or an age group winner.

The overall champion was Lewis Bell who won all of his sevengames to secure a maximum 21 points and the coveted Jackspot prize and trophy.

He and nine other children from the school then went to Lincoln and played seven games against children from as far afield as Boston and Skegness.

All the Parish childre played well, but one child reached new heights.

Y3 girl Alyssa Morris not only scored the highest number of points of all Under 8 girls, claiming the title of Suprema , but she qualified for the North of England Finals next month.

She was delighted with her performance, which saw her defeat her own flesh and blood on the way to the county title.

“I’m so excited, I really like playing chess and I even had to beat my twin sister to qualify,” she said.

School competition organiser and teacher John Anderson, who has run the Parish tournament for the past two years, was overjoyed that the school had not only held a successful tournament, but had helped to coach Alyssa to the next round in Manchester.

“Alyssa has perfect opponent at home with a twin sister, and myself and school governor Mr Fisher have been able to give her a few extra tips at school.”

The school hopes to grow interest in chess among the pupils.

Anderson added: “Parish are well known locally for their excellent in academic areas and competitive sport, and chess bridges both of these perfectly. We hope more children will learn to play the game.”