Parish Church kids make their move at Lincolnshire Chess Championships

Parish Church Primary School's chess team
Parish Church Primary School's chess team

Parish Church Primary School sent a team of eight children to Lincoln for the Lincolnshire Chess Championships, and the youngsters put on an impressive display.

The children, who qualified from their own school tournament, were accompanied by their families and chess club organiser John Anderson to the event, which was part of the National Delancey Chess competition.

With the best players in the county in action, the standard was extremely high and just to get a point in any of their six games was an achievement for the Parish kids.

Finally after a long and mentally tiring day the children were invited back into the playing hall for the results.

Parish were delighted.

All their children received a special certificate and some had gained enough points to be awarded with a rosette.

To top it all off Y4 pupil Alyssa Morris was the highest scoring Y4 girl so received the elegant Suprema trophy, as the best player in the county of Lincolnshire.

Along with Y3 qualifier Lucy Hunt, Morris will now travel to Manchester in July to take part in the North of England Championships, which will be an amazing experience for both of them.

Suprema Morris said: “I managed to get to Lincoln last year and qualified for Manchester as well.”

“However to go there this year as the Suprema, will give me extra confidence.”

“I love chess and practising with Mr Fisher, Mr Anderson and my sister Rhian has made me a better player this year.”

John Anderson, teacher and chess club organiser at the school, believes chess to be a very important game for children.

He said: “We had children as young as Y2 qualifying for the Lincolnshire competition so the future is bright.”

“To have two children getting to Manchester is a real achievement that we are all immensely proud of.”

“We wish both the girls the best of luck.”