Title contenders defy the handicap

West Lindsey Indoor Bowls Club has started 2015 with a mixture of scheduled matches and re-arranged matches.

In the scheduled Friday Daytime Mixed Triples the two main championship contenders both laughed off the second half handicap to win easily.

Daphne Staff, Geoff Gray, and Dave Childs (F1) continue to be clear leaders after easily beating Rita Procter’s F7 29-10 despite giving away five shots.

Mike Pilkington, Dorothy Moyes, and John Hunt, with Marlene and Peter Mays not playing, are F2 and the main challengers.

They gave away eight shots to Alan Sheardown’s F7 who led 10-6, but that was the high point for Alan’s team as it was all down hill after that and F2 won 23-10.

Audrey Rogers’ F3 gave four shots to Peter Taylor’s F5 and looked to have done it when leading 12-6, but they then lost their way by conceding a 3, 1, and a crucial 5, allowing Peter’s team to win 17-12.

Doreen Bee’s F4 received one shot from Barry Grocock’s F9, based on first half form, but Bee’s team have moved on from that and easily won 30-10.

In the Monday Daytime Triples Bob Baines’ M6 are a clear second after easily winning a re-arranged match 24-7 against Barry Grocock’s M11 team, who stay bottom.

In another re-arranged match Trevor Gaines’ F8 and Geoff Gray’s M1 are fifth and sixth, one point apart, and they stay that way after grinding out a 9-9 draw in 14 ends with neither side managing a 3.

In the Wednesday Daytime Sets there were three re-arranged matches the most significant of which was Bob Baines’ W6 losing 4-2 (5 shots) to Rita Procter’s F7 team.

Amazingly Bob’s team were uncompetitive in the last set which they lost 10-2.

Bob’s team who were favourites a month ago are still third but they are now sandwiched by teams with a game in hand.

Geoff Gray’s W2 team got a 5 on the first end against Eric Dobbie’s W4 team to settle the first set, Eric’s team won the second set 8-6, but in low scoring third set Geoff’s players had the edge to win 6-1.

Ted Mell’s W12 team are now 20 points clear of the bottom after a convincing 5-1 (14 shots) win over Enid Underwood’s W3 team.