Rising Queen Elizabeth’s High School athlete reaching new heights

A Gainsborough student is reaching new heights in her academic studies and chosen sport.

Rising high jump star Hannah Moat, 16, clinched a podium spot with bronze at the UK School Games, representing England North.

She is top of her class in the region, holding the Northern Area title, and also took bronze at the English Schools Championships.

All in a year when she has had to balance her sport interests and school work like never before, having sat her GCSE exams.

Now the Queen Elizabeth’s High School student is starting her A-Levels and is preparing to take part in a national mentoring programme for athletes.

“She’s focused and dedicated and applies herself in the same way she approaches her academic work,” said mum Clare.

“I think you’ve got to make other plans as well, you can’t rely on becoming an elite athlete - that would be incredible if it panned out like that, but there has got to be those qualifications for a career behind that.

“She’s keeping her options open at the moment and I think that’s the best way to be.”

Hannah, fifth in the UK’s U17s age group rankings, is studying English Literature and Language, Psychology and Sociology.

Next season will see her move into the U20s age group where she has qualified for an England Athletics supported mentoring programme.

“The high jump is a very technical discipline. There are so many different elements to it. It’s been grounding for her,” said Clare.

“It gives her something to focus on. She’s disciplined, keen to never miss training and be consistent when she competes, doing the best she can in all areas.”

A member of the Scunthorpe & District Athletics Club, Hannah also attends the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield and will continue to travel as part of the mentoring programme and disciplined training schedule.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. All those interested can please contact the Queen Elizabeth High School on 01427 612354.