Resilient Amy shrugs off foot injury to flourish Down Under

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Amy Grocock is certainly one tough cookie.

The 34-year-old has just returned from a brutal test of endurance in Adelaide, Australia after competing at this year’s ITU Duathlon World Championships.

Amy made the journey and completed the gruelling event - despite having a stress fracture of her foot!

The amazing and speedy recovery was made all the more remarkable as she was only marginally pipped to automatic qualification for the 2016 event.

Her battling performance in the women’s 30-34 category saw her finish 16th

The event, which was her second crack at the world championships, saw competitiors go through a 10km run, a 25-mile bike ride and then another 5km run.

Now back at her Gainsborough home, Amy has reflected on what was a bittersweet trip Down Under.

She told the Standard: “I actually got the injury during a warm-up race.

“I’d gone about 100 yards when my foot suddenly hurt.

“At first it looked like I had pulled a muscle but it didn’t get picked up as anything serious.

“I then went for an x-ray and had a MRI scan aswell, and they told me it was a stress fracture of my fourth metatarsal.

“Obviously it came at an awful time as I was preparing for the Worlds in Australia.

“I didn’t train and was told to refrain for six to eight weeks.

“I think I actually raced four weeks after the injury after gradually getting back into it.

“I was pleased with how I did obviously, but I think had I been fit then I would maybe have been ten minutes quicker.

“I had bad cramp especially on the bike leg as one of my legs was pretty much doing all the work!

“I honestly didn’t think that I’d do it.

“In the past I’ve got away with injuries as I’ve kept myself quite fit so it was quite a new experience for me.

“People said I was a bit mad for doing it but I’d trained for this for the past 18 months so there was no way that was going to happen.

“If it had been a local event for example, then I would have obviously missed it but not for something like this.

“I’m glad I did it but it was disappointing that I was pipped by someone who I had beaten lots of times.

“As I say without the injury it could have been a different story.”

Amy says the conditions in Australia were unlike any she has ever competed in before.

She said: “It was 28 degrees even though we started at eight in the morning and raced early.

“It was just so hot.

“There was people throwing up in the medical tent afterwards and I was one of them. By the end a lot of people were in the tent simply due to the heat.

“But there’s nothing you can really do about that.

“You just have to train and prepare yourself for it.”

Amy is now planning on plenty of rest for the remainder of the year before kick-starting her campaign for a third World Championships in early 2016.

She added: “There’s a few pre-qualifiers that I can go for and I probably will go into them at some stage.

“I’m also contemplating having a go at some more triathlons.

“But first I need to get repaired.

“I’m technically not supposed to be running yet!”