Marois mauled by Rasen side

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Gainsborough Rugby Club’s second team travelled to Market Rasen for the third meeting between the two sides, and returned with a 53-10 defeat.

Before the Christmas break Gainsborough Maoris had played them and narrowly lost out so this time they were be hoping for some revenge.

It was a very cold day with severe gusts of wind which made life hard for anyone who was kicking and this hampered, well at least made it very challenging for anyone trying to kick.

Gainsborough had a slow start to the match and early pressure meant that Rasen could infiltrate Gainsborough’s half winning possession which resulted in the first try of the game.

Rasen slotted home the conversion.

Throughout the whole match Gainsborough produced some impressive tackling which delighted the Maoris replacements and supporters.

Market Rasen would show pure dominance by going on to score three more tries with two being converted.

Just before half-time, the Maoris winger Liam Flower caught Rasen napping and used his speed to run down the left wing after retrieving the ball from the pass of budding youngster Oscar Rollings.

Sadly though this try would not be converted but what this did was to give the Maoris a glimmer of hope at half-time, when the score was 26-5 to Rasen.

Gainsborough started the second period better than they did in the first half with an intense amount of pressure in Rasen’s half, trying to climb out of the big hole they had made in the first half and to create one of the greatest comebacks to be seen to date.

But it wasn’t to be for the Maoris.

Market Rasen turned up the heat up in the already low temperatures by scoring four more tries which were not converted as the wind was causing havoc.

Gainsborough’s team did consist of a few experienced heads as veteran Wayne Sandall, who showed determination by pushing through Rasen’s strong defensive back line and ran over the try line for Gainsborough’s final score of the game.

Again the conversion was not slotted home.

Rasen then scored their last try of the match but fortunately for Gainsborough morale, although largely irrelevant in terms of the scoreline, missed their last conversion.

This made the final result 53-10 to Rasen.

Gainsborough battled hard all match and even against the wind at times.

The Maoris kept going at it and did not give up.

Gainsborough’s Man Of The Match award went to their scrum half Oscar Rollings.