Karate expert on the lookout for new champions

THE KAZOKO CLAN -- Chris Fenton (second from right) with members of the Kazoko Karate Academy.
THE KAZOKO CLAN -- Chris Fenton (second from right) with members of the Kazoko Karate Academy.

An experienced exponent of karate is hoping to pass on his knowledge and skills to a new generation of martial arts enthusiasts in Gainsborough.

Chris Fenton has won gold medals on the international stage during his illustrious karate career.

Now he is hoping to unearth new champions after moving his club, the Kazoko Karate Academy, to a new base at Roses Community Hall on North Warren Road.

“We are excited about moving to the new premises and working with Gainsborough Town Council to achieve our goals,” said Chris.

“I am now able to pass on my knowledge as a trainer and, hopefully, one day, we will be able to produce a future world champion from Gainsborough.”

Chris launched his career back in 1994 at the age of seven. He first got into the sport because his older brothers were involved and he tagged along, not realising the kind of success that lay ahead.

The signs of his potential were displayed from a very early stage. Entering his first competition, Chris made the final and won a silver medal. Not satisfied with this, he set off on the long road of competitions and training.

The hard work and effort paid off and, in 2007, Chris was selected for the England squad, which resulted in him competing in prestigious tourmaments across the world -- from Romania to Sweden and Dublin.

He won a bronze medal at the European Championships and then went one better with a silver at the English Karate Championships.

Maintaining his dedication to the sport, Chris continued to progress and soon bagged two prized gold medals in wado-ryu, which is a particular style of karate. One of the medals came at the British Wado-ryu Karate Union Championships and the other was a team gold at a Wado Excel event, run by Wado-UK, based in Hull.

Chris’s achievements make him one of the most successful sportsmen in Gainsborough. But he feels the time has come now where he is keen to pass on his techniques to emerging youngsters thinking of taking up the sport.

Kazoko is a real family club. Although Chris runs it, help is provided by his sisters, brothers, father and even his wife-to-be!

Its sessions at the Roses centre are being held every Tuesday from 6.30 pm to 8 pm. They are open to all age groups, starting from six-year-olds, and all abilities. Anyone interested in karate will be welcomed -- from beginners and novices to pensioners!

If you would like further information on the club, either go along to one of the sessions or e-mail the Kazoko team at robyn_toyne@hotmail.com