Husband-and-wife sidecar-racing duo shine in British Championship races

The sidecar-racing Staintons, Giles and Jen, in action at Anglesey.
The sidecar-racing Staintons, Giles and Jen, in action at Anglesey.

A brace of sixth places added up to a satisfactory weekend for Upton’s husband-and-wife sidecar-racing team in the latest round of the British Championship.

Giles and Jen Stainton, known as Team SAS, travelled to Anglesey for the event, and recovered well from a misfire during the free practice session.

The misfire only became apparent during the first race, a North Gloucester Club contest, and they pulled in on the penultimate lap to have the bike checked over before the British Championship race.

Despite the misfire, the Staintons were delighted to discover that they had recorded a new personal-best lap-time for the Anglesey circuit of one minute, 18 seconds.

And after a lot of scratching of heads and help from others, the problem with their machine was finally solved in the nick of time when the ignition amplifiers were replaced.

The outfit immediately fired up, and the Staintons dashed to the grid to join the main 16-lap race from the back.

It was quite unnerving to start such a big race with a hastily assembled bike and without the benefit of any warm-up.

But the adrenaline was flowing, and the duo set off on cold tyres, desperate not to lose sight of the pack.

They began to pick off a few and crossed the line in sixth in their class and ninth overall after shaving a further second from their best lap time.

After rain early the next day, the Staintons opted to start the second club race on wet tyres. But by mid-race, they realised it was not the way to go because a dry line formed on most of the track, so they chose to retire to save their tyres from destruction.

Come the second British Championship race, the circuit was dry and they started from the fifth row of the grid.

After getting away to a clean start, they fought hard to pass several rivals, and despite a spin as they made another overtaking manoeuvre, they again crossed the line in sixth, matching their best time.

Jen said: “The support we received in the paddock was incredible, so thanks to everyone who helped us. It made our weekend amazing.

“We must give special thanks to our newest sponsor, Motrac Race Engineering. The reliability that we experience is dedicated to the painstaking attention that our engines receive.”