Excitement in Gainsborough Table Tennis League Division Two

Gainsborough Table Tennis league, pictured is Phil Dixon (G130212-6b)
Gainsborough Table Tennis league, pictured is Phil Dixon (G130212-6b)

Gainsborough Table Tennis League Division Two saw excitement this week, in a tight match between the Challengers and GYM Batmen.

Charles Derry and Martin Sanderson picked up two games each for the Challengers but Mark Longstaff kept the Batmen in it to win three games and give his side a 6-4 win.

Also in the second division, the Knights struggled against a strong Kestrel with Rob Bunton playing well to win three games along with teammate Dave Mason, who picked up a hat-trick of his own in an impressive Kestrels a 9-1 victory.

In the bottom of the table clash between the Falcons and the Wizards it was the Wizards who conjured up the points with a 7-3 win.

Mark Raisborough played well enough to win all three of his matches for the Wizards.

In the First Division both bottom teams where in action this week, but with very different fortunes.

The Beacons had a good 6-4 win over the Aardvarks, but the Dynamics struggled against the Bulldogs with John Mackey winning three close, five-set games to give the Bulldogs a 9-1 triumph.

The remaining First Division game was between the Dynamos and the Aces, with John Gazeley and Mick Harris for the Dynamos winning their usual three and teaming up for the doubles to give the Dynamos a 7-3 win.


Division One: Beacons 6 (D. Brumpton 1, P. Dixon 3, R Garner 1, doubles) Aardvarks 4 (C Mitchell 2, R Mitchell 1, J Wynne 1)

Dynamics 1 (R Lovely 1)Bulldogs 9 (J Mackey 3, K Hutson 3, J Sheehan 2, Doubles)

Dynamos 7 (J Gazeley3, M Harris 3, doubles) Aces 3 (A McPherson 1, B Lamb 1, N Johns 1)

Division Two: Challengers 4 (C Derry 2, M Sanderson 2) Batmen 6 (K Eliot 1, M Longstaff 3, J Croft 1, Doubles)

Falcons 3 (H Denman 1, J Percival 1, doubles) Wizards 7 (K Birkett 3, H Mann 1, M Raisborough 3)

Knights 1 (D Barber 1) Kestrels 9 (D Mason 3, P Gray 2, R Bunton 3, doubles)

The semi-finals of the Calcutta Cup will be played next month, before 6th March.

In the first semi-final, Blitz Eagles or Aardvarks will take on Falcons.

Wizards and Beacons will face off for the other spot in this season’s final.