Bowls: Team 1 look favourites for Triples crown

Team F1, Dave Childs, Daphne Staff and Geoff Gray, look like strong favourites to retain the Friday Mixed Triples Championship at West Lindsey Indoor Bowls Club, aftercomfortably beating their two nearest rivals.

Against Audrey Rogers’ F3 they were made to fight hard to reach 14-10 but then Roger’s team suffered the calamity of conceding a rare nine.

To what extent that was brilliant bowling by F1 or terrible bowling by F3 is debatable.

The final score was 23-11.

F1 then faced Peter Mays’ F2 who were their main rivals and a close match was expected.

Sadly for F2 it wasn’t close and F1 won 18-5.

Previously F2 had crushed Barry Grocock’s second bottom F9 28-6, but F3 crashed 29-10 to Doreen Bee’s F4 team who were bottom at the time and had lost every match.

The six shot handicap clearly didn’t make much difference, F4 would have comfortably won anyway.

Brenda Allen’s inconsistent F8 must be very disappointed to have lost 17-7 to Peter Taylor’s F5 team, especially as F8 then beat Rita Procter’s F7 22-10.

With three defeats their championship hopes look almost over, they need everything to go their way for the rest of the season.

Peter Taylor’s F5 still have slim hopes and Peter Mays’ F2 have reasonable hopes.

At the bottom three teams are separated by only one point and now in receipt of handicap these places will continue to swap around until the end.

Alan Crookes’ T4 continue to lead the Thursday Pairs with two more wins.

They beat Ian Chapman’s T7 21-11 and then had to battle to beat Geoff Gray’s T1 17- 14.

Peter Mays’ T2 have recovered from their poor start with four successive wins.

T2 had a hard-fought 14-10 win over Peter Taylor’s T5 and then a 20-14 win over Barbara Coy’s T3, who have lost six out of seven.

Brenda Allen’s T6 team, after five wins out of six, crashed 24-6 to Peter Taylor’s T5 team and then crashed 29-5 to Geoff Gray’s T1 team!

In a rematch, T6 beat T1 18-12, then T7 22-11.