Batmen and Kestrels draw

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Gainsborough Standard Sport Logo, Table Tennis

The first week of Gainsborough Table Tennis League action in 2015 saw a thrilling 5-5 draw between the Batmen and the Kestrels.

Rob Bunton and Dave Mason helped secure the draw with a good fifth set doubles win over strong pairing Tom Lovely and Mark Longstaff.

The other Division Two match saw Steve Mason back in action for the Challengers and proving he still has it with two wins over the Wizards.

The result was an 8-2 win for the Challengers with Martin Sanderson having a good win over Kevan Birkett.

The Challengers are now eyeing the top spot occupied by the Batmen.

In Division One the Beacons only fielded two players and paid the price with a 7-3 loss to the Chunky Monkeys.

Steven Johnsons picked up three wins.

The Dynamics went down 9-1 to the Aces and 8-2 to the Dynamos.

Division One: Dynamics 1 (Ayris) Aces 9 (Adlington 3, Lamb 2, McPherson 3, doubles); Dynamics 2 (Ayris, Clayton)Dynamos 8 (Gazeley 3, Harris 3, Davies 1, Doubles)

Beacons 3; P. Dixon 2, Doubles, - Chunky Monkeys 7; H Tomlinson 1, C Gamble 1, S Johnson 2, 3 by Default

Division Two: Challengers 8 (Mason 2, Edwards 2, Sanderson 3, Doubles) Wizards 2 (Birkett 2); Batmen 5 (Lovely 2, Longstaff 3) Kestrels 5 (Bunton, Reed, Mason 2, Doubles).