Aegir cyclists ride time trial


Three Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club members were in the top five of the club’s Wednesday 10-mile time trial to Laughton and East Ferry, returning alongside the River Trent and finishing on Carr Lane near East Stockwith.

The winner was Viking Velo’s Tony Keightley in 30 minutes. Trent Valley’s Stephen Cockerham was runner-up in 30:04.

Trevor Halstead led the Aegir trio in 32:00, ahead of James Green 32:26 and Geoff Garner 34: 01 seconds.

All club riders finished in the chosen time at their Sunday Reliability rides.

In the 20-mile ride, Daniel Nicholson, Dave Chaffey, Roland Pickersgill, Loll Dickenson and Mark Clark chose category D, 2 hours 30 minutes, returning in 1:37. Mark’s time was 2:03.

In the 100-mile ride, Trevor Halstead chose category B, 8:00. He returned in 6:32.