Tribute to Tunisia victim by cyclists at time trial

A MINUTE'S SILENCE -- for Carly Lovett, victim of the terrorist attack in Tunisia.
A MINUTE'S SILENCE -- for Carly Lovett, victim of the terrorist attack in Tunisia.

A minute’s silence in memory of rider’s daughter Carly Lovett was observed before the latest time trial organised by the cycling clubs of Gainsborough.

Carly (24) was one of 38 people gunned down in the shocking terrorist attack in Tunisia, where she was enjoying a holiday with her fiance, Liam Moore.

Her father, Kevin Lovett, is a regular rider in the town, and all those present at the time trial signed a card of condolence for the family.

The race, which was hosted by the Viking Velo Road Racing Club, attracted 40 competitors, who tackled a nine-mile course that ran from Morton to East Butterwick.

It was won by Steve Grocock, of the Lincsquad quadrathlon club, who clocked a fine time of 19 minutes, 55 seconds for the nine miles.

In second place was Viking Velo’s Julian Hesp, who was just 11 seconds behind the winner after recording a time of 20.06 minutes.

Third spot went to Hesp’s teammate, Andy Lewin, who clocked 20.08.

After the race, competitors and officials enjoyed a barbecue at the Dog And Gun pub in East Butterwick, where glorious summer sunshine capped an excellent event.

The individual results and times of the clubs who organised the time trial were:

TRENT VALLEY RC -- 1st Andy Codd 20.25, 2nd Paul Brownless 21.00, 3rd Steve Walker 21.09, 4th Paul Pycroft 21.47, 5th Rob Gregory 22.26, 6th Shaun Pycroft 22.31, 7th Stewart Richardson 22.45, 8th Steve Cockerham 23.19, 9th Paul Freeman 23.34, 10th Darren Dickinson 23.44, 11th Cliff Williams 24.05, 12th Samantha Ritson 24.29, 13th Ross Williams 25.32, 14th Jim Girven 26.13, 15th Mike Overton 27.35.

PHOENIX CC -- 1st Paul Bagshaw 23.43, 2nd Tony Keightley 24.35, 3rd Pete Comerford 24.38, 4th Jason Clout 24.41, 5th Kevin Smart 27.05, 6th Jon Findley 28.10, 7th Leanne Beardall 28.53, 8th Abbie Mercer 32.31, 9th Carol Smart 35.10.

VIKING VELO RC -- 1st Julian Hesp 20.06, 2nd Andy Lewin 20.08, 3rd Tim Tanner 22.26, 4th Judd Parker 23.04, 5th Ian Barley 23.51, 6th Matt Fieldson 23.51, 7th Chris Warrilow 24.16, 8th Rob Noble 24.40, 9th Arran Watson and Andy Clarke (tandem) 25.15, 10th Simon Hobday 25.28, 11th Mechelle Barley 26.02.

The next combined time trial takes place on Tuesday 14th July over ten miles at Knaith. Riders are asked to meet at 6.30 pm. For more information, visit