Teenager Hindmarsh wins round three

GAINSBOROUGH Aegir Cycling Club’s third round of the speed judging contest was won by 13-year-old Liam Hindmarsh.

The event was held on the Lea/Gate Burton/Willingham course, which has not been used for a number of years and so was new to most of the riders.

The morning was frosty with no wind and Hedley Stennet was time keeper, assisted by Dave Day.

With watches and mobile phones handed into the time keeper, the cyclists were set off at one minute intervals to ride a 8.5 mile circular route: 1st 6pts Liam Hindmarsh, chose two laps in 74 minutes, his time was 72 minutes 36 seconds, 1 minute 24 seconds fast; 2nd 5pts, Dave Walker chose two laps in 80 minutes, his time was 82 minutes 08 seconds, 2 minutes 08 seconds slow; 3rd 4pts, Trevor Halstead chose two laps in 75 minutes, his time was 80 minutes 22 seconds, 5 minutes 22 seconds slow; 4th 3pts, Mark Clark chose one lap in 60 minutes 30 seconds, his time was 54 minutes 23 seconds, 6 minutes 07 seconds fast; 5th 2pts, Matt Hindmarsh chose two laps in 78 minutes, his time was 70 minutes 11 seconds, 7 minutes 49 seconds fast; 6th 1pt, Paul Reynolds chose two laps in 90 minutes, his time was 73 minutes 09 seconds, 16 minutes 51 seconds fast; 7th Joe Smith chose two laps in 90 minutes, his time was 113 minutes 20 seconds, 23 minutes 20 seconds slow; 8th, Dave Chaffey chose two laps in 70 minutes, his time was 96 minutes 55 seconds, 26 minutes 55 seconds slow; 9th, Colin Smith chose two laps in 90 minutes, he did not finish.

Overall results: Daniel Nicholson 12 points, Trevor Halstead 11, Liam Hindmarsh 11, Dave Walker 8, Paul Reynolds 6, Mark Clark 5, Pete Hanks 4, Michael Dawson 3, Joe Smith 2, Matt Hindmarsh 2.

On 9th December there will be multiple rides starting from Roseway at 9.20am.

For information visit www.community.lincolnshire.gov.uk/gainsboroughaegircycling