Sun shines on local riders as Viking Velo beat rival clubs

Dog and Gunn Inter Club race in Gainsborough
Dog and Gunn Inter Club race in Gainsborough

The sun shone on the local cycling scene on Sunday, as a trio of clubs went to battle in the annual inter-club race.

Riders from Viking Velo, Trent Valley Road Club and Aegir Cycling Club took on a nine mile circuit starting on Laughton Lane and finishing at the Dog and Gun pub at East Butterwick.

The race was a team event with the best three outright times from each club to count, plus the best three times based on the handicap system.

The race was very well supported and 27 riders lined up at the start.

Gainsborough’s newest club, Viking Velo swept to victory, winning both the scratch race and the handicap race.

After the race, competitors, officials and family members enjoyed a BBQ in glorious conditions on the Trent bank at the Dog and Gun pub.

A combined club statement said:“Many thanks go to Gainsborough Aegir club members Mark Clark, Dave Day and Colin Smith for providing marshalling duties, Dan Nicholson for timekeeping, Viking Velo’s Sally Shaw for timekeeping and cooking the BBQ, and Joe Nash who had the unenviable task of ploughing through all the competitors times and compiling the results.”

“All in all a great day was had by all and it was a great advertisement for Gainsborough cycling.”


Scratch results:1st Viking Velo, Julian Hesp 20:07, Andy Lewin 20:12, Joe Nash 21:54, team total 62:13; 2nd Trent Valley Andy Codd 21:03, James Vickers 21:14, Shaun Pycroft 22:50, team total 65:17; 3rd Gainsborough Aegir Pete Commerford 25:14, George Carnall 25:17, Trevor Halstead 25:17, team total 75:48.

Handicap results: 1st Viking Velo Phil Burton 18:04, Andy Clarke 19:50, Ian Barley 21:15, team total 59:19; 2nd Trent Valley Cliff Williams 20:26, Ross Williams 21:20, Jim Girven 23:05, team total 64:51; 3rd Gainsborough Aegir James Green 21:58, John Findley 27 :07, team total 76:13.

Overall combined times: 1st Viking Velo 121:32; 2nd Trent Valley 130:08; 3rd Gainsborough Aegir 152:01.