Steph is best in Lincoln Medal 6


At Lincoln Golf Club, on 10th June Steph Keeble won Medal 6 with a nett 73.

She was followed by Christine Hardy, Dawn Betteridge, Margaret Yelland, Gillian Chatterton, Jane Quibell, Maying Ip, Margaret Stern, Denise Hadfield and Olive Tonge.

Gill Chatterton took home the Medal Final Challenge Plate, while Denise Hadfield was runner-up.

Dawn Betteridge had a hole-in-one on the sixth.

In the Mike Wood Memorial Cup (QC) Peter Miller finished first with 45 points, ahead of runner-up Bob Sansom and third placed Richard Howgate.

The top 10 was rounded off by John May, Jeff Kemp, Chris Pickering, Dave Lill, Peter Stern, Ian Extance and John Squire.

The men’s Monthly Medal on 7th June was won by Jay Mapleston with a 67.

Mark Rose and Desmond Robbins were second and third respectively.

Sandy Brummitt, Nathan Poundall, Carl Bartle, David Taylor, Christopher Messenger, Kim Wiltshire and P. Perry made up the rest of the top 10 finishers.