Smith steps in to judge

TERRY Smith stepped in at short notice to judge the two eye sign categories at Creswell Old Comrades FC’s show.

Results: 1st R. Losh, 2nd P. Cox, 3rd T. Hancock, 4th A. Greengrass, reserve K. Bailey, very highly commended A. Greengrass,

highly commended A. Greengrass, commended A. Greengrass, special T. Hancock.

Young bird category: 1st T. Hancock, 2nd K. Bailey, 3rd T. Hancock, 4th D. Payton, reserve A. Meyrick, very highly commended T. Hancock, highly commended T. Hancock, commended T. Hancock, special P. Cox/

The organisers would like to thank Terry Smith, his grandson Connor and Tony Dewsnap for stepping in at the last moment and making it a very enjoyable show.