Record number of Striders in Saxilby 5k

The Striders' record turnout for the Saxilby 5k
The Striders' record turnout for the Saxilby 5k

The recent Saxilby 5k saw a record 24 Gainsborough Morton Striders take part and the highlight was Jerome McCulla’s personal best time of 17 minutes 24 seconds, good enough for eighth place in a field of 292.

Other results were: 13th, Tom Humprhies 18-33; 20th, Steven Gaffney 18-52; 27th, Dale Parkinson 19-34; 44th, Phil Marsland 20-37; 45th, Simon Hall 20-33; 55th, Matt Lyner 21-08; 78th, Dan Edwards 22-28; 83rd, Ian Thorpe 22-46; 88th, Nigel Bowler 22-54; 93rd, Norman Hindley 23-04; 109th, Angela Overson 23-50; 110th, Shaun Boyle 23-50; 113rd, Jane Catley 24-01; 132nd, Glenn Paniston 25-23; 140th, Kevin Housham 25-45; 141st, Simon Smith 25-47; 156th, Mandy Neal 26-15; 157th, Emma Robinson 26-15; 169th, Chris Rainsforth 26-49; 170th, Stacey Wrath 26-50; 202nd, Stacey Lyner 28-44; 205th, Julie Pycroft 28-48; 226th, Donna Cook 30-53.

Morale is high and runners are looking forward to their next race, the Gainsborough 5k, on 23rd October. However, Phil Marsland couldn’t wait until then and he has already competed in the Cusworth 10k where he finished 59th out of 335 in 43-10.

The club’s London Marathon place for next year has been drawn and goes to long time member Barry Corringham.