Parish finally grasp the Nettle at indoor event

Parish Primary School's Indoor Athletics team
Parish Primary School's Indoor Athletics team

Parish Church Primary School finally overcame their nemesis Nettleham to book a place in the Lincolnshire Indoor Athletics Championships.

The Gainsborough youngsters competed in the annual Cherry Willingham heat, alongside Morton Trentside, St George’s and Scotter.

Their performance was not only enough to come out on top of their local rivals, but beat the points total set in the North Lincoln competition by Nettleham – winners in each of the last five years – meaning Parish were crowned champions of Gainsborough and North Lincoln.

Set against the back-drop of loud music, and even louder cheering from supporters, enthusiastic teams of over 20 children ran, threw and jumped faster, further and higher than they had before.

The championships included field events especially selected for the indoors, including standing long jump, ball push and soft Javelin, and track events like the six ap paarlauf, under and over relay and two by two lap race .

Each competitor was able to do a maximum of two field events and two track events, with three boys and three girls needed for each field event, making the team selection a difficult decision for the team manager.

Parish dominated in the track events with plenty of first places and felt they had done well in the field events.

Non-scoring events and a special teacher’s javelin throwing event kept the crowd’s entertained before the results were announced.

St. George’s came in fourth with just under 100 points, Scotter took third and just two points ahead in second were Morton.

This meant the winners, by a margin of over 70 points, were Parish.

Parish athlete Saskia Joyce was overjoyed with her team’s results.

She said: “We have been training hard at school and it was great to win together as a team.”

“We were awesome.”

Team coach and teacher John Anderson was also delighted.

“They are a talented group of children and each one completed their event fantastically well.”

The school then had to suffer an agonising three day wait to compare their results against the schools from North Lincoln, including Nettleham.

But the email finally arrived and confirmed Parish as overall champions.

They will now travel to the County Indoor Athletics Finals and take on the best schools in the whole of Lincolnshire.