Overton is first home

Trent Valley Cycling Road Club held its first Reliability Trial of the new year last Sunday, on a 23-mile circuit starting from Marlow Road in Gainsborough.

The riders had 5 categorie’s to choose from, ‘A’ representing an average speed of 20mph, to ‘E’ under 14mph.

All five members taking part chose category ‘C’ 16mph,which gave them a maximum time to complete the course of 1hr 26mins.

The riders stayed together until Harpswell Hill, where a split occured, and from then on it was two groups on the road.

All got back within the time limit as follows; Matt Overton 1hr 21mins, Aiden Bott 1-21, Justin Atkinson 1-21, Rob Brooks 1-25, Mike Overton 1-25.

For more information on the club visit trentvalleyroadclub.co.uk.