Nicholson crowned Aegir speed judging champion after fifth and final round

Trevor Halstead took first place and six points in the fifth round of the Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club speed judging contest, but the overall title went to Daniel Nicholson.

The final event was over the River Trent in Notts, starting in Walkeringham.

The cyclists were set off by time keeper Hedley Stennett, assisted by Colin Smith.

Thefour mile course contains steep hills and is one of the harder circuits.

Results: 1st, 6 pts, Trevor Halstead chose four laps in 67 minutes, his time was 21 seconds fast; 2nd, 5 pts, Calum Lawson chose two laps in 40 minutes, his time was 1 minute 12 seconds fast; 3rd, 4 pts, Peter Hanks chose three laps in 61 minutes, his time was 1 minute 22 seconds slow; 4th, 3 pts, Daniel Nicholson chose three laps in 64 minutes, his time was 1 minute 48 seconds fast; 5th, 2 pts, Dave Chaffey chose three laps in 50 minutes, his time was 1 minute 54 seconds slow; 6th, 1 pt, Mark Clark chose two laps in 60 minutes, his time was 4 minutes 27 seconds fast; 7th, Paul Reynolds chose three laps in 60 minutes, his time was 5 minutes 46 seconds fast.

Final results: Daniel Nicholson 27 points, Trevor Halstead 17, Dave Chaffey 15.5, Dave Day 13, Peter Hanks 11.5, Mark Clarke 9, Calum Lawson 5, George Carnall 3, Michael Dawson 3.

On 26th January 26th there will be multiple rides starting from Roseway in Gainsborough at 9.20am, with rides to suit everyone.

For information contact Trevor Halstead on 01427 617752 or 01427 677396.