Nicholson 11 secs out

GAINSBOROUGH Aegir Cycling Club riders had a fine morning for round four of their speed judging contest.

They departed from Roseway, riding to the starting point of the 4.4-mile circuit at Padmoor Lane, Knaith Park.

The 10 cyclists then chose their times and distances and were set off at minute intervals by time keeper Dave Day.

Results: 1st 6pts Daniel Nicholson chose 3 laps in 71 minutes, his time was 71 minutes 11 seconds; 2nd 5pts Pete Hanks 3 laps in 57 minutes, his time was 55 minutes 27 seconds; 3rd 4pts Dave Walker chose 4 laps in 80 minutes, his time was 74 minutes 43 seconds; 4th 3pts Liam Hindmarsh chose 3 laps in 50 minutes, his time was 44 minutes 14 seconds, giving him a time that was 5 minutes 46 seconds fast; 5th 2pts Colin Smith chose 3 laps in 60 minutes, his time was 54 minutes 08 seconds; 6th 1pt Paul Reynolds chose 3 laps in 53 minutes, his time was 46 minutes 41 seconds; 7th Trevor Halstead chose 3 laps in 65 minutes, his time was 56 minutes 55 seconds; 8th Matt Hindmarsh chose 3 laps in 55 minutes, his time was 46 minutes 13 seconds; 9th Dave Chaffey chose 3 laps in 70 minutes, his time was 53 minutes 42 seconds; Mark Clark chose 3 laps in 68 minutes, he did not finish.

Standings: Daniel Nicholson 18 points, Liam Hindmarsh 14, Dave Walker 12, Trevor Halstead, Pete Hanks, Paul Reynolds 7, Mark Clark 5, Michael Dawson 3, Joe Smith 2, Matt Hindmarsh 2, Colin Smith 2.

On 23rd December the Christmas 9-mile mile ride will see riders meet at 10.45amat the top of Thonock Hill.

On the same day the Christmas Lunch meet up will be held at The Trent Port (Crown Carvery), Gainsborough at 12pm.

The Christmas Day morning ride will meet at Roseway at 10am and on Boxing Day riders are also to meet at Roseway at 10am.

On 30th December there will be options of rides starting from Roseway at 9.20am.

The New Year’s Day ride to Saxilby to meet up with Lincoln Wheelers for their eight mile time trial, will meet at Roseway at 8.50am, with dinner at The Anglers Pub (30 miles).

On 6th January, the leisure ride to Edwinstowe, with dinner at The Major Oak Visitors Centre, will meet at Roseway at 8.50am (60miles).

Don’t forget your lights.