New boy Bagshaw bosses Viking Velo’s final race of the year

VIKING Velo round-up.
VIKING Velo round-up.

New member Paul Bagshaw was the winner of the last race of the season staged by the Gainsborough-based Viking Velo cycling club.

The Christmas nine-mile Fur And Feather handicap followed a course from Morton to East Butterwick on the bank of the River Trent.

Competitors’ final times were adjusted according to their individual ability, so giving everyone a theoretical chance of winning.

Velo’s Bagshaw showed significant improvement to romp to victory with the fastest adjusted time of 17 minutes, 33 seconds. Second and third places went to two more Velo riders who have improved through the year -- Matt Fieldson, who clocked 18.55, and Ian Barley (19.02).

In fourth was Mechele Barley in 19.12, fifth was Andy Lewin in 20.03, sixth Max Rackcliff in 20.04, seventh Tony Keightley in 20.08, eighth were Arran Watson and Andy Clarke, who rode in tandem and clocked 22.33, and ninth was Mark Forrest, a rider from fellow Gainsborough club, Aegir, who posted a time of 24.18 minutes.

After the race, competitors and officials enjoyed a pies and peas treat, kindly supplied by Dixie and Judy, at the Dog And Gun pub and brewery in East Butterwick.

Every rider who took part then had the choice of selecting a wide range of prizes that had been kindly donated by Upton Fish And Chip Shop.

Velo now take a break for Christmas and the New year before returning with a full programme of races, time trials and social events in 2016. Anyone interested in joining the club should visit their website.