Mighty Megan on top of the world yet again

Megan Ainsworth
Megan Ainsworth

A Gainsborough woman is on top of the world yet again, after retaining her international powerlifting title.

Megan Ainsworth, nicknamed Mighty Mouse, has won the IPF World Benchpress Championship in Lithuania for the second year running.

Megan Ainsworth

Megan Ainsworth

The 20-year-old’s success is a boost in her bid to represent her country in the Commonwealth Games next year.

And although she went into May’s world championships as the reigning title holder, mum Jane said the victory was another pleasant surprise.

“They didn’t expect her to retain it this year, it was thought that the other countries would have been training harder to catch up and beat her,” she told the Standard.

“But it was easy for her, she barely broke a sweat.”

“We watched it on a live stream and we were all jumping around the living room when we realised she’d won.”

Ainsworth took gold in the 43kg junior competition, with an incredible lift of over 62kg.

Her personal best is 70kg, a staggering achievement given her small frame.

Mum Jane puts the powerlifting exploits down to strength of character, rather than just physical attributes.

“When we bump into people, they can’t believe she’s a powerlifter because she’s so tiny.”

“It’s crazy that she can lift the weight she can, and it’s all determination on her part.”

“We support her obviously, but she does so well because she’s so dedicated.”

With another world title on her record, Ainsworth is setting her sights on even bigger prizes.

She said: “I was very proud when I found out I had won it again.”

“I’m training full-time, and I’m hopeful of going to the Commonwealths and then the Worlds after that.”

And she is keen to share her glory with those who have helped her along the way.

“I want to thank my coach Mark Giles for coaching me to the title, and my family for all their support.”

The powerlifter will be at the Riverside Festival on Saturday, raising funds for competition entry fees through a tombola and a name the bear contest.