Meteors squeeze past the Bulldogs

In the Gainsborough Table Tennis League the Meteors squeezed past Blitz Bulldogs in the closest of this week’s encounters.

The Meteors won 6-4 and moved into fifth with three rubbers from Mick Tindall.

The Beacons lost 9-1 to a strong Aces Team, who had Gary Adlington, Barry Lamb and Rob Lamb in form.

Results, Division One: Aces 9 (G. Adlington 3, B. Lamb 3, R. Lamb 2, doubles) Beacons 1 (P. Dixon); Bulldogs 4 )(K. Hudson 2, H. Tomlinson, J. Mackey) Meteors 6 (M Tindall 3, R Ellis 2, doubles); Aardvarks: 10 (C. Mitchell 3, J. Wynne 3, K. Crawford 3, doubles) Dynamics 0.

Division Two: Dynamos: 8 (J. Longstaff 2, T. Arber 2, J. Sheehan 3, doubles) Falcons 2, (C. Whitely 2)