Melrose SSC open up useful lead at top of Gainsborough bowls league

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Bowls - WEB TILE

Gainsborough Bowls League Champions Melrose SSC now have a useful lead in this year’s championship after beating their main rival Scotter in slow conditions which favoured Melrose.

Visitors Scotter made a very good start and led 14–0 on one rink and the overall result was in doubt for about 60 per cent of the match.

But, as the ends went by, tiredness seemed to creep into the game of the Scotter players and Melrose took control to win three rinks and win 8-2 (86-58).

With summer set to arrive and speed up the greens after a disappointingly wet May, Scotter have plenty of time to challenge for the championship - particularly as Melrose’s league record at Scotter is bad.

Beckingham continue to fly high and easily beat visitors North Wheatley 8-2 (90-50).

They won three rinks by double figures, including having Janette Simpson, Clive Hunter, and Pete Cawthorne win by 28-8.

However, in past seasons Beckingham have not played so well when the greens speed up and swing a lot.

Misterton just managed to follow up their win at Scotter with a home win against Owston Ferry.

Misterton weren’t at their best, but they battled to a tight 8-2 (68-62) win and it will be interesting to see how they perform against high-flying visitors Beckingham.

Marshall Sports were at home to Marton GB hoping to reverse last year when Marton easily overtook them in the league.

Both teams had a big winning rink and two rinks were very close and only decided on the last end.

But, like last year, it was Marton who finished the best to win the two close rinks and just win 7-3 (72-72).

For Marton Charles Derry, Dave Corden, and Ron Sharpe won 26-8 and. Flying the flag for Marshall Sports were Daphne Staff, Dave Gillyett, and Dave Childs who won 34-12.

It looks like another tough season for the Sports if they can’t beat close rivals when playing at home.

As reported last week Rose A and Marshall A played ahead of schedule with Marshall A winning 8– 2 (19 shots).

Because of a Bank Holiday these were the only matches played.