Marshalls lose at fortress Scotter

GAINSBOROUGH Standard Bowls League champions for the past four years, Scotter 1 have been wobbling recently.

But visitors Marshalls A discovered that their hosts are as formidable as ever at home and lost 10-0 (89-62) although the match was not as one-sided as the scoreline suggests as the A team only lost a rink by one shot and another by five.

Nevertheless, Marshalls now know that they need to improve to be championship contenders.

Marshalls A played Marshalls Sports, a game that was scheduled for 11th July but brought forward as Sports could not raise a team on that date, and the A team won 8-2 (96-49) against a still short-handed Sports team. Melrose SSC faced a tricky visit to Owston Ferry who had been an encouraging fourth but the visitors quickly got on top with the rink of Tony Bainbridge, Dave Carrotte and Graham Cowan dominating to win 33-12.

The other three rinks were more competitive but the longer the match went on the better the visitors played and Melrose finished 10-0 (93-53) winners.

Beckingham took over fourth place with an easy 8-2 (95-54) home win over Marton GB, with two rinks being close and Beckingham thrashing the visitors on the other two.

Marshalls Sports easily beat visitors Scotter 2 by a 10-0 (90-53) margin to overtake Lincoln Co-op who didn’t play against Rose A because they couldn’t raise a team. Scotter look like recipients of the wooden spoon on current form.

North Wheatley, after several gallant losses, finally produced the goods at home to comfortably beat out-of-form visitors Misterton 10-0 (81-60) and climb three places.

With Marshalls Sports and Lincoln Co-op struggling for players if anyone would like to try the game ring Geoff Jewitt (01427) 811278 for the Sports who play on Middlefield Lane, Gainsborough, or ring Gerald West (01427) 613371 for Co-op who play near the Gainsborough/Lea boundary.

The Gainsborough League played a friendly against the Retford League at Marshalls on Sunday. The aggregate was close for most of the match but the Gainsborough League got in front near the end to win 107-98.

A rink was settled by two shots, two rinks by one shot and there was a drawn rink.

League Table

P W D L Ps

Melrose SSC 9 9 0 0 77

Scotter 1 9 9 0 0 76

Marshalls A 10 8 0 2 70

Beckingham 9 5 0 4 51

Owston Ferry 9 6 0 3 48

Marshalls Sp 10 3 1 6 46

Lincoln Co-op 8 4 0 4 39

Nth Wheatley 9 2 0 7 32

Rose A 8 3 0 5 29

Misterton 9 2 0 7 26

Marton GB 9 0 1 8 25

Scotter 2 9 2 0 7 21