London Marathon blog: 3 months, 3 days to go

Rufford lake on Saturday morning's run
Rufford lake on Saturday morning's run

‘SWEATSICLES’ a new word I coined after my hair froze on my Monday morning run.

For I am not like those elite women runners who glide along the pavement with grace and beauty.

Instead, I sweat approximately half a pint per half mile. Even on ‘short’ 5 milers like Monday.

And when I got home and found my hair was full of ice I’ve never been so proud, I felt like Rocky (only without all the punching of raw meat).

How hard-core is this, ice, in my hair! I had to tell someone. I must have worked hard.

And the truth is it’s been a tough bout of training since my last blog, but for the first time in weeks I felt like I had a little break though.

My long weekend run went really well, (I wasn’t staggering around like a deer that had been hit by a car by the end of it).

And I managed to keep going the entire way round. I put this down to Lucozade, 500ml of it an hour before I set off, and a bowl of porridge.

I shall test my theory on Friday when I set out again for the week’s long run.

As well as getting the miles in this week I also set out for Worksop Leisure Centre to have a go at some ‘core stability’ training today.

I am still unsure what, or why I am trying this. But Paula Radcliffe’s book assures me it’s good. So try it I shall. I basically just had a swim.

And I wasn’t alone, there are more people in Worksop than you would think who are prepared to don swim suits and flounder about before 8am of a morning.

Next I shall be investigating Worksop Leisure Centre’s gym facilities in the hope of discovering the secret to making marathon running easy.

Hopefully it will involve some sort of meditation where you eat chocolate and just talk about running, without having to actually exert yourself.

Sweatsicles- that has got to be worth a sponsor. I had ice, in my hair!